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NPrint sending email with no data in report?

Hi All

We have a report, which is running & output distributing via email on weekly basis and it's working fine. the issue here is when there is no data in the report & it just sent empty template via email. actually we don't want it to send out the email if there is no data.

What i've tried is below,

I've enabled "verify filter" check box option at Nprinting report, but still i'm getting the empty results reports via email.


Note: I'm using Qlikview Nprinting 16.3.0

Hi Stephen, below URL link not working.



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Re: NPrint sending email with no data in report?

Hi Deva,

here is

How to Control Report Generation with Conditions

I think that your problem is that the result is not empty but it has one line.

Checking "Suppress when value is null" on your dimensions might help.



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Re: NPrint sending email with no data in report?

Devarasu has probably a measure which returns text "A Stocks" in one of his columns.

You would have to put conditions on that expression to ensure that it returns "nothing" when other numbers are = 0 or null().



cheers Lech
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