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NPrinting 16 muito lento para produzir relatórios

Bom dia,

Tenho uma tarefa no nprinting 16 que envia 500 relatórios toda manhã;

Acontece que eu troquei de servidor e um problema de lentidão está causando insatisfação com a ferramenta.

O servidor antigo era um Dell CPU - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7- 4830 @2.13GHz x16, Memoria DDR3 – 128GB e

Windows 2008 Server.

O novo servidor também é um Dell CPU - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7- 4830 @2.13GHz x32, Memoria DDR3 – 128GB e

Windows 2012 Server Standard.

Só o numero de cores e o SO são diferentes.

Já verifiquei nos requisitos do NPrinting e o Windows Server 2012 é aceito, então não é pela versão do SO.

Preciso muito de ajuda para resolver este problema.


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Re: NPrinting 16 muito lento para produzir relatórios

Hi Welinton, are you ok to stick to English - even using google translator or something? It would be so much easier...

now down to your problem - looks like you have just added extra cores to your server and  upgraded to Windows 2012. So the first question is how much slower it is for you now? are we talking about minutes or hours?

The real question is how is your nprinting job configured? I would suggest looking from beginning:

  • is the QlikView application used for reports dedicated only for NPrinting or is it an application used together with users. If it is dedicated only for NPrinting - maybe you could strip it down little bit (make it smaller so it renders faster), remove not used fields, maybe rows if possible
  • is your nprinting connection local or QVP? - i would suggest QVP as it should work faster
  • what is a nprinting job? how many tasks it has? are there any recipient filters - so it needs to create separate reports for each recipient etc?

There is many questions regarding this but i usually start with optimizing my QlikView application used as NPrinitng source so it works as fast as possible, then i go and see how i can improve my NPrinitng reports.

One of the examples when i gained a lot of time was when i tried to use pictures of QlikView charts in Excel reports. Then instead of pictures i used data export to excel and build excel based charts from exported data - this improved significantly my NPrinting report time generation.

tell us bit more about your QlikView app and structure of your NSQ and we will take it from there.



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Re: NPrinting 16 muito lento para produzir relatórios

Hello Lech,

Thanks for answering!

Let's answer the questions you asked me about:

We are talking about slower hours, I produced 600 reports in a time between 4000 ~ 5000 seconds on the previous server, now the time to generate 520 reports is between 11000 ~ 15000 seconds.

I have already re-setup the job, would you like to look at some specific screen?

QVW is for JOB only, it is not used by other users. I can even recreate the qvw application, but it worked like this before.

On the other server I used QVP, but now this does not work anymore, it hangs and shows a message a lot of time later in the LOGs about "RPC call error". I can only use direct connection to QVW.

The work of NPrinting is: 1 report model PPT with output in PDF. The filters are TODAY () - 1 for DATE and seller login for recipient. There are 520 recipients currently.

The slowness is in the producing reporting stage. This step is stopped for 15 seconds or more per recipient. The message sending step takes only 2 seconds per recipient and is within the expected time.

I'm attaching the NSQ for you to review.

Thanks Lech!

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Re: NPrinting 16 muito lento para produzir relatórios

I am not able to open your nsq file as i do not have nPrinting 16.X - sorry.

Well i still think it is a local connection which makes your report generation slow. I would try to get QVP working. Making sure that QlikVIew desktop and server version are the same, ensuring that connection is closed after report generation, ensuring in QMC that "max session time" is within time required for full report to generate etc...

How many other report are you distributing through NPrinting?

Maybe you would consider moving to NPrinting 17 if all functionalities required are available? This would enable then multithreading when generating reports and i bet you it would be much much faster.

Would you be able to arrange for yourself trial license and at least try moving to NP 17? Give it a go and see results. The more i play with it the more i like it.



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