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Contributor III
Contributor III

NPrinting 17.2.1: Using a local Document-Path as a NPrinting-Connection for On-Demand

Hello folks,

again i have a problem with my NPrinting-Application. I want to upgrade a QlikView-Project from NPrinting 16 to 17.2.1. In 16 it was possible to use an Document-Path for an On-Demand-Task.

I have one "fat" QlikView-Application-Version of my project with many different objects (Size of the Document is about 4 GB) which the customer is using in AccessPoint. Then i have one "thin" Version of this Application for generating my NPrinting-Reports On-Demand which starts automatically some macros to generate the tables, etc . This "thin" Client is used in NPrinting 16 as a Document-Path-Connection. We did this due to performance-improvement.

For Version 17.2.1 i tried to connect the qvp-connection of the "fat" Client with my NPrinting 17.2.1. That didn't really work. It is only in "Generating"-Mode and the Connection was "Ok". It never went to "generated".

I tried to use the "thin" Version of the QVW. I was able to connect as "Document-Path-Connection" and to generate the Cache. Running the On Demand Report was not really successful. A report was generated but was empty besides the template content.

My question is now, how is it possible to use a local QVW as a Connection and get full reports out of an On-Demand-Task?

Or is it possible, to generate the Cache for very big qvp-connections?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,


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