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NPrinting 17.2: "Error Exceeded maximum number of retries" on reload metadata

Hi NPrinting Experts,

I'm currently trying to test NPrinting 17.2 to see if it can replace our NP 16 environment.

Installation went ok after a hand-copy of some Erlang-cookie. I configured an engine (which is online and enabled), created an App and a connection. Now whenever I try to reload metadata, the following can be seen in the user interface "Cache Status" column: first "Generating", then  after some minutes: "Error Exceeded maximum number of retries"

If I look what's happening in the background using task manager, I do see QV.EXE is loaded and doing some stuff, then finishes, gets loaded again and finishes again after some CPU cycles.

Also on the Qlikview server I can see a connection by that user on the test machine in SESSIONS.LOG of Qlikview.
The rather longish error line from nprinting_engine.log is attached below.

Does any of you have an idea why there is a problem with Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QV11.Cache.Layout.CreateLayoutFile() as suggested in the error message?

Our environment: Windows Server 2008R2, 24 Kernels, 100GB RAM, lots of disk space left, NPrinting 17.2 and Qlikview 12SR5 installed on same server,  QVW files located on remote server running Qlikview 11Sr15, accessed using qvp://..., 

We did the following to check basic working environment:
- open Qlikview Desktop with NPrinting user account, check license is available (yes, static), "open on server" the same document as in NPrinting -> no problems.

And yes, we've looked at the trouble shoot document, RabbitMQ seems to be working ok.

Thanks for any help on this matter!


This is the error message as seen in nprinting_engine.log:

n/a n/a n/a 20161019T162847.651+02:00 WARN MUSWEROS020  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Content request 75d0a83b-6b1b-468c-914d-f36ec5f9b282: resolution aborted with exception System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.↵↓   at Qlik.QlikView11.Variable.SetProperties(IVariableProperties _Properties)↵↓   at Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QV11.Cache.Layout.CreateLayoutFile(String _FileName, Document QlikViewDocument) in c:\Jws\workspace\NP-REL-\server\NPrinting\src\Engine.Navigator.QlikView\QVx\Cache\Layout.cs:line 264↵↓   at Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QV11.QlikViewDocument.CacheProducer.CreateFile() in c:\Jws\workspace\NP-REL-\server\NPrinting\src\Engine.Navigator.QlikView\QVx\QlikViewDocument.cs:line 1566↵↓   at Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QV11.Resolvers.Contents.QlikViewDocumentMetadataRequestResolver.Resolve(QlikViewDocument doc, QlikViewDocumentMetadataRequest request) in c:\Jws\workspace\NP-REL-\server\NPrinting\src\Engine.Navigator.QlikView\QVx\Resolvers\Contents\QlikViewDocumentMetadataRequestResolver.cs:line 36↵↓   at Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QV11.Resolvers.Contents.BaseBaseContentRequestResolver`1.Resolve(QlikViewDocument doc, IContentRequest request, QlikViewObject qlikViewObject) in c:\Jws\workspace\NP-REL-\server\NPrinting\src\Engine.Navigator.QlikView\QVx\Resolvers\Contents\BaseContentRequestResolver.cs:line 96↵↓   at Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QV11.Resolvers.Contents.BaseBaseContentRequestResolver`1.Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QV11.Resolvers.Contents.IContentRequestResolver.Resolve(QlikViewDocument doc, IContentRequest request, QlikViewObject qlikViewObject) in c:\Jws\workspace\NP-REL-\server\NPrinting\src\Engine.Navigator.QlikView\QVx\Resolvers\Contents\BaseContentRequestResolver.cs:line 21 

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Creator III
Creator III

Check the connection between the application and report and check whether you have mentinoed the correct path to connect the application.

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Prabhu, the path is correct. If I copy it from the web to a cmd.exe to call QV.EXE directly, it perfectly opens.

some additional observations I made regarding this incident:
- there are 2 QVW files created in the %temp% folder for each unsuccessfull try with names like c4i2rrdd.qvw or mdu5f5ub.qvw and italian locale inside - looks a lot like NPrinting related to me.
- loading QVWs from the Qlikview 12SR15 server that's sitting on the same server as NPrinting does work! So maybe theres a problem talking to Qlikview 11SR15? Or talking to distant Qlikview servers?
- my small test QVW is 8 MB in size, loading it from Qlikview 12 took 75 minutes - wonder how long it'll take to load real productive data? But that can be answered only once loading from Qlikview 11SR15 is working.


Creator III
Creator III


As you said it works in 11 and not in 12ver, I think either in the upgradation of your server or the application is causing the issue. if you have your network team ask them if they recently updated any patches. because some time this would create issue in servers of not supporting the environment and applications

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Prabhu, thank you very much for your expert answer! I wonder how you do that. You keep posting the same answers to different threads, and you're always right!

Forums like this couldn't live without experts like you. Thanks again!

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Maybe it's something in your QV APP, I suggest you try to clean a c:\users\<NprintingServiceAccount>\AppData\Local\Temp\NPrinting or c:\users\<NprintingServiceAccount>\AppData\Roaming\NPrinting

There it's generated a cache files. Try to delete all cached files.

Contributor II
Contributor II


I am facing same issue with NPrinting. Metadata is getting reloaded for other Qlikview applications except one.

Any idea what is causing this?

Best Regards,


Partner - Champion
Partner - Champion

Hi Martin,

Qlik NPrinting Engine computer:

  • QlikView: QlikView Desktop 11.20 SR5 or higher and 12.00 SR1 or higher are both supported. If QlikView Server Enterprise Edition or Small Business Edition is installed, you need QlikView DesktopQlikView Desktop Personal Edition is not supported.

Are you really running v11SR15 OR v11.2SR15??