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NPrinting 17.5 - issues running simultaneous publish tasks

I am finding very inconsistent results when running nprinting publish tasks either via triggers or manually kicking them off, and my success rate of getting reports to run and appear in the NewsStand is about 50-60%.  I have 4 NP publish tasks that run each morning and on some days (only a rare few) they have all completed and with short times (few minutes, and maybe the 2 longest ones taking 15-20 mins).  On some days my publish tasks run fine with decent times, on some days they are running for hours, on some days they have warnings but when I run the same scenario in my QV app the data is all there.  The only slight pattern I have seen is if none of the task durations overlap, then they seem to all complete, but as soon as one runs longs (for some unknown reason) then it seems like they all run long.  Additionally, on the bad days, I'll abort the tasks and manually launch them one by one but it seems like they just run forever.  I am using QVP connections for all, connecting to QlikView apps, and some of the reports have a filter, level, page, or cycle.  Does anyone have any insight into this?  Log files are not much help in my opinion.

(And I'd be looking for insight other than to look at the filter, level, page or cycle items.  I know how picky those features are as they pertain to nulls and no rows, making it a nightmare to get QV apps to accommodate that when QV is very forgiving, but my app charts seem solid in that regard.)


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