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NPrinting 17.5 - reading scheduler log files

Can anyone help interpret this attached log info I pulled from my scheduler log files?  My connection reload metadata is no longer working and  when I launched a test, this was the log info it generated.  In particular, I am wondering about a few things:

1) The ERROR line has this in it, what does it mean:  \"Username\":null,\"Password\":null

2) I am running the metadata reload for an app called "KDMTEST kdm2 Month End NPrinting Source DEV.qvw" but why is it logging info for other qvws as well during this time?

3) I see this info, what does it mean:  Error within WithSession method of SessionManager


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Re: NPrinting 17.5 - reading scheduler log files

Does anyone know where we can access any info at all about what the logs tell us? Like what does the Exception and Stacktrace columns in the scheduler log mean?  In particular, Exception = e899, Stacktrace = Workload .

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