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NPrinting 17 Identify a user id

Within NPrinting 17 logs, I might get messages like this:

Failed report generation for report 8bc64ed5-1d93-40ef-88b3-9536de295bf8 user 928bfe4b-7027-45e5-87dc-52decf7aa561 exception System.Exception: Filters applied to user 928bfe4b-7027-45e5-87dc-52decf7aa561 and report 8bc64ed5-1d93-40ef-88b3-9536de295bf8 define an empty set. : STACK :

The problem is, how do identify which user this is?

Is there a way to get this association from the NPrinting Web UI or is there a way to load these ids from the postgre db? Any feedback is appreciated.

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Re: NPrinting 17 Identify a user id

I found this post extremely helpful:

NPrinting Repository Database - Name

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Re: NPrinting 17 Identify a user id

yeah - thanks mate, the other way in NPrinting is to look at URL address when previewing users. User Id is part of the URL i think.

I think installing pgAdmin client on NPrinting Box and running some queries is probably the most efficient at the moment.



cheers Lech
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