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NPrinting 17 PixelPerfect chart date dimension


I am developing a report with PixelPerfect and I need to do PixelPerfect native chart where date is dimension field. When I am using MonthYear as dimension, it is showing dimension correctly but when I am using Date field, it is converting dimension to MonthYear automatically. How to set date as dimension? Results, parameters and template file attached.

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Riku Pilli

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Re: NPrinting 17 PixelPerfect chart date dimension


I suppose you are working with Qlik NPrinting 16. The procedure with 17 is the same.

When you add a Data field as dimension without specifying the format you will have a different automatic format based on the number of records and available space.

This filter includes 3 months

010 month year.png

This filter includes only 1 month

020 yyyy-mm-dd.png

If you don't specify a format for the date field it is automatically select by Qlik NPrinting.

To set a format for the Date field:

030 settings.png

  1. Click on Axis
  2. Select the Labels tab
  3. Select the Auto tab on the top
  4. Select the format you prefer from the list
  5. Click on Add to apply the format
  6. If you like set other options for the labels. In this example I rotated them of 90 degrees
  7. Run a preview

040 result.png

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