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NPrinting 17 - Stuck on Generating


I would like to test NPrinting on my projects and I have installed NPrinting 17.

I have configured everything : server, engine, scheduler

Engine is online, I have added apps, connections

But refreshes of the metadata never finish .. It's always on Generating after some days and sometimes Error Timeout

What can I do ? what can I check ?

I have been told that NPrinting 17 was less stable than 16 and I should install the old one but I can't imagine it doesn't work at all. And I would like to start with the latest version available.

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Re: NPrinting 17 - Stuck on Generating

Hi Frédéric,

is it possible to have a copy of the qvw document in order to try to reproduce this issue?



Re: NPrinting 17 - Stuck on Generating

Any Updates on this issue , I am facing the same in my project

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Re: NPrinting 17 - Stuck on Generating

edit the connection and re enter the  proxy and app id, and all and reload the metadata

and check all services are in running or not?  if not restart the services


Re: NPrinting 17 - Stuck on Generating

Are you using a QVP connection? if so, there is a bug around metadata reload that is resolved in the February 2018 release. There is a technical preview available here if you want to test it.

Qlik NPrinting February 2018 Technical Preview


Re: NPrinting 17 - Stuck on Generating

The QVW likely has items that are unsupported by NPrinting.

See link below for these items and the solution to work around this generation issue:

NPrinting Unsupported QV Items

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Re: NPrinting 17 - Stuck on Generating


Please let us know your:

- Qlik NPrinting version

- QlikView server and desktop

- if you are connecting to a local or a server .qvw

- Qlik NPrinting log files http://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/November2017/Content/AdministeringQVNprinting/Logging/Logging.h...

As suggested by Stephen, please update your installation to latest stable release (November 2017) and check its release notes to see solved bugs. February 2018 is still a technical preview so you can test it but not for use in production.



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