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NPrinting 17 accessing a qvw file while the file is reloading


Are there any issues with NPrinting 17 access a qvw file while QlikView Server is reloading the qvw file?


We have a qvw file that reloads every 30 minutes and are going to use the qvw file as a source for Excel Based Reports.  I want to make sure there won't be any issues.


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Connecting to a QVW that is being refreshed/reloaded on the QMC from NPrinting may cause metadata connection errors since the file is likely going to be locked by the reload/refresh process on the QMC.  So no it is not advisable to perform a metadata reload in NPrinting to a QVW that is in the process of reloading/refreshing on the QMC.

To mitigate NP metadata connection issues to a QVW that is in the process of being reloaded on the QMC and to ensure you are retrieving the QVWs data updates, you may wish to:

1. Make a copy of the QVW that is reloaded every 30 minutes.

2. Use the copy of this QVW for NPrinting reporting purposes

3. Do a Binary Load to the Primary QVW for to the NPrinting reporting QVW for data purposes.


The QlikView Community has several examples as to how to perform a binary load if needed.


Hope this helps

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