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NPrinting 17 dynamic PDF Output Format from QlikView/Qlik Sense Reports

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone of you ever got dynamic PDF output formats running in NPrinting 17 based on

QlikView/Qlik Sense created Reports ?

What I experienced is, that no matter what output format my Report is saved as (QlikView or Sense), will always be overruled by

the PDF Writer/ PDF NPrinting  (which Comes installed with NPrinting 17 ) Output Format Settings when saved to PDF.

This Setting will f.e. be overwritten regardless of

QlikView Entity Report Setting:

or NPrinting A3 Formatted Word *.DOC Designer Report :

by the Printer Setting:

I can "only" globally define the Output in the Printer Settings, but would like it to be determined by the Document when saved in PDF.

Regards Philipp

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Well - this seems to be expected result - ain't it?

When you print to any paper printer - have you ever had a functionality in printer which will auto adjust which paper size are you printing your report on? You always have to choose or set the default size on the printer for whatever you print.

The size of the report has nothing to do with it i think, as it will only be responsible for DPI of the report...



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