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NPrinting 17 monitor tool

Hi all,

exists a free tool to monitor NPrinting 17 log files?

I need to check the updates of my tasks, any errors and schedules..

thank you all

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Re: NPrinting 17 monitor tool


Try to use UsageAnalyzer_v3.qvw app.

New utility to monitor QlikView Server usage

In this app, configuration tab just update the nprint log file location then publish into server then u can assess it from ajax client.

Nprint Log stored below path

Logs are stored in the %ProgramData%\Nprinting\Logs folder

If you want to monitor multiple log path just use "|" symbol

Hope this helps  you



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Re: NPrinting 17 monitor tool

This is a tool for QV Server.. in my case QlikView and Nprinting are installed in two different server.

Any solutions?

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Re: NPrinting 17 monitor tool


If you able to access nprint server folder from qliksever then just mentioned in

governance dashboard  or usage analyzer app will do it.


for configuration steps,

refer below my thread reply

Governance dashboard configuration steps

try to map nprint server log folder like below

\\Nprint Server IP\Nprint server log


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Re: NPrinting 17 monitor tool

The commentary below might help/guide you in the right direction -


You'll also need to change the detail level of the log files, the directions can be found at the below link:



Re: NPrinting 17 monitor tool

As far as I know, the current release of the Governance Dashboard doesn't do NPrinting logs. Just QlikView service logs.

Neither are there any monitoring tools included in v17.3 or earlier of NPrinting. They tell me that Advanced Logging and Monitoring is to be included in a future release. No idea which one or when.

What certainly could be of help to get hold of failed jobs and the probable cause of the failure is the hidden Executions tab in the WebConsole.

How to reach it?

  • Open the NPrinting WebConsole and log in (preferably as admin, not tested whether this also works for other roles)
  • Click Tasks->Publish Task
  • In the browser address bar, there should now be an URL that ends with #/tasks/publish.
  • Replace the word publish with executions and press Enter.

You'll get an overview of all complete NPrinting task runs (successes and failures). For a failed task, click the blue GUID (the hexadecimal code at the front) and you'll get a detailed overview of all stages and error messages.



Re: NPrinting 17 monitor tool

Does it work for NPrinting 17.x?

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Re: NPrinting 17 monitor tool

Yes, I cannot find the exact thread from where I found the qvw that we use to monitor our log files but as soon as you change the log detail level then you are good to go!

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