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NPrinting 17 with Qlik Sense: Question about filters


I am facing the following issue:

I have a number of users, and each user needs to receive a report based on a certain filter.


USER1:  Filter: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

USER2:  Filter: Sweden, Germany, Spain

USER3:  Filter: Belgium, Spain

Now I can assign the appropiate filter to a user, add the users to a group, and add the group as a receiver of the report. But that would give a report with a filter of Netherlands AND Belgium AND Germany for USER1. I want a seperate report for each country!

I am using Excel as output: If put a page level on that report, I can get each country in a different worksheet: that works fine but unfortunately my customer doesn't want that: the requirement is one Excel per user/ country.

So how can I forfill my requirement: 1 Excel sheet per user/country?

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Creator III
Creator III

Hello Henk,

for that purpose you have to create the report on the basis of Country,i.e. Create seperate report for each country ,

and add these report to your publish task as per your requirement.


Hi Ranjit,

Thanks, but then I need to add 100+ reports that are all the same! Must be a more effective solution for this simple requirement I hope.


Hi Henk,

I don't know how many countries you will have. But otherwise you can leave the filters on the users and work with tasks. The only thing you have to do is:

Create a filter per country

Create a task per country and link the correct filter to it.

So your task will only create reports for one country and will be send to your users who are allowed to see this country (Your filter on person level). An user will only receive a report per country.


Thanks Wouter, I assume you mean a Publish task? But then I should create 150 publish tasks which all have to be scheduled. I understand this is possible but I am looking for a simpeler way. In fact, what I need is the current functionality but NPrinting adding the filter per filter, not all filters at once. Maybe there is a solution in that direction.


Yes, indeed, I'm mean publish tasks.
What you need is the cylce function. But is function is not implemented in nprinting 17 yet. This will be released in a future release.


Yes, it's the cycle function which is the key here. You only need to create one single task for the whole operation. In your case you'll have to cycle on the Country field. Next step will be to create the users and the filters. Then you assign one or more filter values to the users. Thus, each user will receive one Excel workbook for each country. I suggest you manage the recipents and filters in an Excel sheet which can, as a final step, be imported to your NP project. Note that the filter column name in this Excel sheet must be exactly the same as the field name in the app. If one user shall receive more than one Excel workbook you just separate the countries with commas.