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NPrinting 18 Field to cycle not generating all fields PPT templates.

Hi Experts,

Im generating PPT templates with the help of  "Field to cycle" , I have totally 5 levels fields

Segments-->Business-->Business Group-->Business Unit-->Business Model

  • In Segment i have total 4 Fields(CC,D&T,PH,Others) I can able to generate 4 diff PPT templates 
  • In Business i have total 10 Fields(CC HSDP,D&T Other,HSDP and EM,HT Other,I&S,IGT,Intell Stnd,PD,PH,PH Other) I can       able to generate all 10 combinations of templates 
  • In Business Group i have total 29 Fields(CC HSDP,D&T Other,HSDP and EM,HT Other,I&S,IGT,Intell Stnd,PD,PH,PH Other etc....)  in that I can able to generate 18 templates out of 29.

remaining 11 Templates not generated its delivered blank templates please find the attached image 

Can you anyone help me to understand why its not generating all  possible templates.



Suresh V.V


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Check the combinations of the values in your cycle fields.

It is possible that your cycle fields exclude themselves (selection of one makes another one not possible to select) so the report cannot be produced for such combination.

think about it as of AND statement when querying data.


It also depends how you build your cycles. Instead of putting all fields separately try to concatenate all the fields from your cycle into single field and show.

When you do this do you still get all combinations in the data as you want or maybe some values are not associated as you would expect?




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