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NPrinting Conditional embeded report in the email


I have created a straight table and it consist of columns Cust_No, Cust_country,Cust_Name, Expected_Percentage(%).This chart showing hundreds of records.

as per requirement I created  individual excel report by each Cust_Name for showing their performance but not others.this excel report distribute with email attachment separately.

and also I need to embedded this Straight table chart within body of the mail "with top 10 Cust_No by Cust_name (descending by Expected_percentage)".I have already created HTML report to embedded within the body of the mail.but "how can I get HTML report with only top 10 Cust_No by Cust_name (descending by Expected_percentage) within the body of the mail".

kindly Provide me solution in this scenario in the NPrinting.

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Re: NPrinting Conditional embeded report in the email

There are 2 approaches:

  1. You clone the straight table in QlikView and using the Dimension Limits of the cloned object, restrict to the top 10 values. Use that object in an HTML report.
  2. You create the report in Excel and only bring in rows 1-10 in the properties grid for the object in NPrinting. From there, add the Excel report to your task but choose HTML as the output format. This will allow you embed the report in the email: Select Top Ranks from QlikView and Use Them With Custom Excel Formulas

No matter which approach you take, you will have to sort the object in QlikView for descending by expected percentage. NPrinting will not sort the data.

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