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Re: NPrinting - Cycles not on the whole field possible?


After reviewing your uploaded files, it is my opinion:

The crux of your problem is the size of your application.   You may also have some memory issues that could affect your server performance.  We have 32 GB of memory available to our NPrinting server, for use with our larger QVW.  You should have at least 16 GB.

As previously stated, you either need to reduce the size of your QVW or make current selections, so that Nprinting will be getting a smaller batch of data passed across from the QVW when you run your NPrinting scheduled tasks.

Can you reduce your data in your QVW?  Maybe you have several years of data you can eliminate or fields that are not used?

In the Nprinting Filters vs Current Selections thread link above, I described how to use variables to trigger current selections for a task.  I have run more than 1000 scheduled tasks in an evening and my app is 14 GB with this method.  

To give you any more comprehensive assistance, I think I would need to see your QVW and Nprinting files.

It sounds like you may need some help from your local Qlik Partner to complete this task.

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Re: NPrinting - Cycles not on the whole field possible?

Hi Mike,

unfortunately, I can't reduce the size of the appliction as this is used by many users and the included data is already reduced on the minimal level.

Probably you're right - I will check with our IS team how to proceed.

Many thanks for your support!


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