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Contributor III

NPrinting Cycling Reports on Multiple Fields

Dear Experts,

I'm running a report with Enable Cycle option in Qlik N-Printing, So my resulting spreadsheet comes with all the stakeholders who are 'Paying'. which is fine-  
my question here I would like to add another Cycle option is 'Receiving' for only 1 bank in the same report, could you help me any option to use two cycles in the report.

Base idea want to produce one spreadsheet with two cycles.

Expecting the end result would be Paying = all banks and Receiving only 1 bank. would you please guide me a solution or do I need to use any if statement on Qlik Sense side

Currently we are using Qlik Sense and producing reports from NPrinting 

Our two columns 1. Paying 2. Receiving which I'm trying to use in Cycle option
Paying = Barclays, City, HSBC, JPMorgan,Goldman
Receiving = UBS, RBC, HSBC, CityGroup


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Re: NPrinting Cycling Reports on Multiple Fields

If I understand you correctly, you can probably do it simply by adding recipient filters:

  • create a filter containing all bank dimension values and call it 'Paying' and add this filter to your required recipients
  • create a second filter containing your single bank and call it 'Receiving' and add this filter to your required recipient or recipients.


If I misunderstood I apologize. But please provide additional information to clarify your requirement so we can try again.

kind regards...


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