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NPrinting Excel report - color on imported images changes


I'm importing a chart from Qlik Sense to an Excel report in NPrinting as an image. It works fine, except that the colors in the image changes from the colors in Qlik Sense. Anyone who knows why the colors changes? And how to solve this?

Best regards

Nils Jakob

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Re: NPrinting Excel report - color on imported images changes

Hi @nils_jakob 

If the source Sense app has a conditional expression to show certain colors based on certain conditions, then this could explain why you are seeing different color.

The sense app color conditions may be getting triggered by an NPrinting report filter which may be getting applied: A specific object in the NP report template, the NP report, the NP report task or by an NP user filter.

I would start by checking there. By default, specific colors are assigned to the background field for each data dimension or expression. If colors are conditional on selections made (or NPrinting filtering), this could cause the issue.

Hope this helps.

ps: I tested a simple app with pivot table and straight table and it exported as expected. Sense app on top and NP report beneath.

color output test.PNG

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Re: NPrinting Excel report - color on imported images changes

Thanks. I will try this. It's my first report in NPrinting.