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Creator II
Creator II

NPrinting Filter

I need to create a filter in NPrinting to filter out a column. I have five columns  as shown below and I need to filter out the 'Reporter' column (that is, take out the column completely for some users) 

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As always - provide details how you want to do it! Template, object types etc...

If you are using excel and straight table objects, or pixelperfect template what you are trying to do is not possible as columns cannot be added or removed dynamicaly.

if you are planning to use image (i hope you are not) then maybe this can be done - although hide/show column feature does not belong to my favourite

Workarounds I would consider:

  • create 2 reports: 1 with column and one without by duplicating report in NPrinting, and creating 2 separate distribution tasks
  • or depending on size of the app in Qlik Sense I would load records twice and each time I would add to fact table identifier include/exclude 'Reporter' where for include Reporter field would be populated for exclude I would leave it blank. In NPrinting you would just add extra user filter either use "incl" or "excl" value.
  • effectively you will not remove that field, but it will not be populated with values.
  • 1.png

Obviously if you wish to get more detailed info, please provide us with all the steps to replicate your scenario so we can talk "apples & apples"....


cheers Lech, When applicable please mark the correct/appropriate replies as "solution" (you can mark up to 3 "solutions". Please LIKE threads if the provided solution is helpful to the problem.
Creator II
Creator II

Below is an explanation of what am looking for.  I want to distribute my report to different users but not all  of them have to see the 'Reporter' column. I do not want to take out the column completely from the report because some users need it. I want to hide the column to some users not all users. How do I create a filter to filter out the 'Reporter' column? Please see attached