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NPrinting Higher environments configuration for on-demand components

Hi All,

(Thanks Frank for the support on my previous question)

In continuation to that, I want to better understand the technicalities involved here. Apologies, I am very naïve in admin/infrastructure/networking areass.


So, as per video found on the Qlik Help site the higher environments buttons with respective NPrinting server URLs should be configured in DEV only and conditionally show/hide based on environment by using computername().

I see, the video shows configuring of DEV and PROD buttons in DEV and publishing. with 

DEV: rd-dgb.NPEngine.rdlund.qliktech.com:4993/   (my project similarly has us_dev_np.server.com and Qlik in us_dev_qlik.server.com)

PROD: rd-dgb.NPProd.rdlund.qliktech.com:4993/   (my project similarly has eur_sit_np.server.com and Qlik in eur_sit_qlik.server.com)

so here, the domain is qliktech.com and sub domain are rd-dgb.NPEngine & rd-dgb.NPProd

The unsupported configurations listed in below link says cross-domain is not supported, but the different sub-domains should be supported....isn't it...?


However, I see, I am able to access "eur_sit_np.server.com" through web console, but when I try to configure this URL in DEV Qlik sense app in "us_dev_qlik.server.com", the credentials are not accepted, so is this something to do with the accesses or is it really a unsupported scenario of nprinting...?

can you please help in understanding the connectivity issue here

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I would say it may have something to do with access:

Can you check following

  • are you using 3rd party trusted ssl certificates? 
    • are they wildcard certificates?
    • are they configured on both DEV and PROD NPrinting
  • What do you see in Web browser developer tools (F12) when you try connect
  • How is account you are using visible in both environments (what is user domain when you are logging to both)
    • is it the same?
    • is it configured in NPrinting User settings so it can be used with NTLM authentication?
    • is user configured in both NPrinting environments to have OnDemand access/does it have role assigned?
  • Is Qlik Sense configured as trusted origin in both NPrinting environments?

Seeing error for dev tools could be helpful...



cheers Lech, When applicable please mark the correct/appropriate replies as "solution" (you can mark up to 3 "solutions". Please LIKE threads if the provided solution is helpful to the problem.

Thanks Lech for looking into this.

Apologies, I have to stop this discussion as I have come to know from our Admin team that our client has their custom way to trigger nprinting reports and on-demand button should not be used. So, cannot get the asked details as well to find the issue.

Thanks any way.