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NPrinting Import report recipients from db (1000+ Recipients)


I am very  very new to NPrinting so I apologies if I'm asking a silly question.

I have a requirement to send monthly reports to all the Service Owners in my company (1000+)  Each one is responsible for a specific set of items.  Each Service Owner needs to receive a report filtered for their specific items.

Watching the videos it looks like NPrinting requires each report recipient to be set up as a user.  Is there a way for NPrinting look at my Qlikview app and identify the Service Owners and create a report for each that contains only their information.  I have a column called Service Owner and a column with their email address.

Is there a way to set up NPrinting to identify the service owners, their email address and send them their individual reports with out manually entering 1000+ users?  

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Re: NPrinting Import report recipients from db (1000+ Recipients)

I assume you're talking about NPrinting 17.x.

  1. Set up an Excel report which exports the chart in your QVW which has all the details you need (email address, filter...). The attached Excel file shows samples of the syntax, and there's an article in the help section:

  2. Set up a Task which creates and saves that report to a specific file location and use a fixed name for the file NOT a dynamic name
  3. Create an Import Task which loads that Excel file.

You can do this one shot or schedule both tasks so that your users are always updated.

You will want to put the Users into group(s) and then deliver reports to those group(s) as that is the only way to automatically load users and make sure they will send reports without having to manually assign them to a Task.

You will need to assign a Role to all these Users. If they only need to receive reports by email, then any role which has "Preview" selected in "Published Reports" will give sufficient priveleges.

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Re: NPrinting Import report recipients from db (1000+ Recipients)


Please find the attached document.

This will help you with 1000+ recipients.

Please let me know if it is not clear.



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