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Contributor III

NPrinting Issues in Pixel Perfect - Summarizing Percentages / Currency Formatting


I'm building a couple of NPrinting reports in Pixel Perfect, and I need to do a summary of a percentage field. The summary options like Sum, Average, Percentage, etc. don't seem to work. I see there's a Custom selection, but that doesn't seem to do anything. I tried creating a calculated field to recreate the percentages, but the summary options don't seem to work with that either. Am I missing something?

Also, in the same report I'm having issues where Currency type fields are showing just a dollar sign instead of $0. I have it setup to use 0 in place of null. I can't seem to find any other formatting options to add the zero.

Any help would be appreciated.



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This post is old but I have the same problem with the percentages. 

Somebody can help me?


thank you.


I'm not sure if this will help but when I build pixel perfect reports, I use a lot of levels.  With that said, if under my Levels node I have a chart object listed, and I use that chart object for the  Data Member of my detail band, I had to use my % field from the chart object under the Levels node and not from the Tables load (where I also have that same chart object loaded).   I was able to use my % field in my detail band and use Avg of my % field in a summary/totals band.  Not sure about nulls and zeros formatting however, I too see what appears to be inconsistent results.