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NPrinting On Demand - Sense App mismatch error


Any idea how to get rid of this error please?


Nprinting Error 2.PNG

It seems to be an issue when the app id for the connection is changed e.g overwriting a previous published version of the app.

Connection on Nprinting server is pointing to the correct app, and when I close the error message I am still able to successfully generate the  report using the on-demand reporting button that has been configured. Button used is the one from the Qlik dashboard bundle.

I assume it may be caching something in the App but no idea as I'm new to Nprinting and the use of this extension.

This is in Qlik Sense June 2019 version.


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Hi @beverleyosaze 

Please start a Qlik Support Case to report the behavior that you are experiencing. 

Work is currently being done on related fronts regarding what you are experiencing. Your voice and case report will be very helpful on our end to improve the behavior in future releases of the On Demand NPrinting objects that are available with Qlik Sense.

Kind regards...

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Contributor II

I am facing same issue. Is there any update?


Hi @sandeepgather 

The latest version of Qlik Sense has fix already applied to extension: Nov 2019 - check release notes. Also June 2019 Patch 2 has the same fix. Other version in between were not patched with this fix, so if you want to have extension working please make sure you have one of the versions installed.


There are also support articles describing this issue which you can look up on google (they will just tell you the same what I have mentioned above).

I personally logged a support case which resulted in the fix beeing applied to extension.



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