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NPrinting Pixel Perfect - Hide Footer Text under a specific Level


We have a pixel perfect template as shown in the attachment.

There is a "Category" Level and we are displaying related fund information under each category.

There is a requirement to show a footer text under only one category (here its GLOBAL ALLOCATION).

I tried with a group footer and conditionally hide it using formatting rules, but its not working.

Condition :  Show the footer text when the level.category = "GLOBAL ALLOCATION"

Could you please let me know if this can be done in Nprinting ?






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Do you mean "insert" rather than "hide" possibly?

If you mean "insert", check the following

Create a Pixel Perfect report accurately:

Check the following video to correctly apply your condition.

If you mean 'hide' then I don't understand what this requirement is. Why 'hide' anything if no one will see it.

In any case I hope the above guides you in the right direction...

kind regards...

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