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Contributor II
Contributor II

NPrinting Pixel Perfect Report: html tags in text


Sorry for my post in Community Corner, I don't know why I can't post in NPrinting Category.

I have a problem with the html tags in a field of a table.

NPrinting versionQlik NPrinting April 2020

Nprinting requirement: PDF file output

I have a sheet of a QlikSense application to reproduce in PDF for my client.
Unfortunately one of the fields of a VizLib table used in this sheet contains HTML tags.

In QlikSense, my VizLib table allows me to interpret this field as HTML text.

How can I interpret this text in an Nprinting PixelPerfect report for example? or any other report that would allow me to have a pdf output.

I cannot create an HTML Nprinting report because this one does not allow me to have an output pdf file.

Thanks for your help.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Maya I will look into why you cannot post in NPrinting and I really appreciate you pointing that out. In the meanwhile I am going to transfer this post to that forum. Thank you!

Sue Macaluso
Community Manager
Community Manager

@Maya Was the problem you were having that you were getting an error when trying to add labels? If so I have resolved that issue. If there was something else please send me a private message so I don't change the topic of this thread. Thanks again. 

Sue Macaluso
Contributor II
Contributor II

@Sue_Macaluso Yes, it was. Thank you.