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NPrinting Pixel Perfect Table of Contents?

Hi All!

I'm in need of some advanced information about Pixel Perfect. I want to create an good looking pixel perfect report with the following pages:

Frontpage - with an logo, and some information in the lower area of the page

Table of Contents - on this page an automated ToC based on the labels in the PP-report
Short Exective Resume - one page with the most important information for the board (tables and images)

Detailed paragraphs - The pages in this section holds written text, images of Qlikview Objects and tables.

For example:

Paragraph Header 1

--Sub paragraph Header 2

----Sub sub paragraph Header 3

As I was developing the report I came across an issue. I want to use the Table of Contents not by Data Binding, but by label weight (Header1, Header2 and Header3). Just like the Table of Contents in a Word template?

Is that even possible?

Thanks for your time and answers.

Kind regards, Gerald

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asierfer‌ asier, do you know if this will work?


That would be awesome!

Hope to hear from him soon.

Gr, Gerald


Hi Gerald, I don't think it is possible in Pixel Perfect, It maybe could be done in Word but I have never try it. Said this, when I have had  to build a report with different sections (Short Exective Resume - Detailed paragraphs) in order to build the table of contents I have had to create an auxiliary field in the QlikView document to use it as level, then nest below it the fields used to create the Detailed paragraphs.

New Bitmap Image.bmp

Why the formulas dropped as hidden labels in the report ? I use them to hide/show items in the loop with the Formatting rules, you need a label present in the report if you want to use it in a rule

New Bitmap Image (2).jpg

I'm attaching the output of this example. It could be tricky to build a Pixel Perfect report with many sections, remember that Qlik have local consultancy people and partners to support complex developments.




Hi Asier,

I would be interested in knowing the names of these Qlik Partners that are leading the way with NPrinting.  I have talked to a bunch of Partners and am not finding many that have significant resources in place to provide consulting on Nprinting.  If you have a couple that you would recommend, please send me a private message.


Mike Czerwonky 

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Asier,

This workaround is very interesting but I didnt manage to simulate it. Can you elaborate more about the auxiliary field/table or maybe share the underline structure of the tables ?

Thank, Elad.