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NPrinting Recipient Import Filter


we are using old version

- We use the recipient import feature and task. Is it possible to filter the recipients, e.g. based on a bookmark?
  The same way as we can filter data based on bookmarks... So if qvw chart contains 5000 users, we want to filter e.g.
  and import only users based on qvw bookmark "50 most important users".

- We have accidentally imported > 6000 users into a .nsq file, and had to delete them manually thereafter. Now the
  .nsq file has become very large (> 15MB). How is it possible to clean/downsize the file again?

Thank you - Marcel

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Re: NPrinting Recipient Import Filter


I strongly suggest you to migrate to latest version of the 16 series.

1 QlikView NPrinting 16 can import users from a QlikView table, see https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-NPrinting-Documents/How-to-Import-Recipients-from-QlikView-Docume.... So you could filter that table and import only the users you need.

2 A users import task can delete only the users it created https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-NPrinting-Documents/How-to-Create-and-Import-Recipients-with-Filt.... So you could modify the task used to create the 6.000 users and import again only the ones you want to keep or you have to manually delete them.

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