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NPrinting-Sharepoint Integration

How can I directly upload the outputs(Reports) of NPrinting to sharepoint instead of a folder?

I tried giving url path of my sharepoint to the destination folder path, but I get this message in Task execution log...

" WARN: Impossible to save report in folder "https://xxxxxx.sharepoint.com/Report Test". ERROR: The given path's format is not supported."

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Re: NPrinting-Sharepoint Integration

The way i do it is by setting up Sharepoint to upload documents sent to it by email - so on NPrinitng end i just created Sharepoint user and i sent nprinitng emails with reports to it.

2010 - How to upload documents by sending an email? - SharePoint Stack Exchange

You cannot set it up as a destination folder.




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Re: NPrinting-Sharepoint Integration

Hi Lech

Thanks for your reply.

Your suggestion seems helpful, but I have to use Sharepoint 2016.

This version has disabled libraries to accept email enablement.