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NPrinting - Throwning Error as "exception System.Exception: unknown : STACK"


somebody can help me?

i have an error while NPrinting send the reports.

if you try to send the report to an incorrect recipient, an error occurs in the STACK and it no longer sends any more reports. Is it possible to configure NPrinting to continue sending even if a recipient fails?

25 de junio de 2018 11:23:14 Info Plan branch execution completed

25 de junio de 2018 11:23:14 Info Finished content production

25 de junio de 2018 12:06:35 Warn Failed report generation for report a5ce8921-501d-4923-b3e0-4fe7984efb72 user 321f7854-4897-421d-9c8f-86a62a19cb5d exception System.Exception: unknown :



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first thing first - ALWAYS give us a version of whole setup (ver of NPrinting, QlikSense/View) you are using as the answers are dependent on the versions you are using!!!

In this case we probably only need version of NPrinting....

Also - what do you mean by "if you try to send report to incorrect recipient?" What is a incorrect recipient - how do you know that it is incorrect"?

Please provide clear explanation of the scenario (your report generation workflow), provide how do you distribute reports (is it via email? Qlik Sense hub, News Stand or Folder or something else???) 

once you do that we can take another look at your case...

cheers Lech, When applicable please mark the correct/appropriate replies as "solution" (you can mark up to 3 "solutions". Please LIKE threads if the provided solution is helpful to the problem.

Here is reply from Matus :

Note: Copied

Hi ,

I had several errors with empty STACK message but never this short.

Edit: looking at my current error message the F\Brand means that it is connected to field Brand. Try checking if the field exists, where you use it and if it is connected properly. If is is used in filter then check if it is set to existing values.

Generally I would start with reloading metadata and trying again.

If it does not help locate the cause by removing objects one by one until the report works again. (Do not save and use only previews so that you do not ruin your template.)

Also maybe in preview you will get more detailed error message.