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NPrinting and Section Access

Using Qlik NPrinting June 2019 Version: and the application are in November 2017 SR5.

The application has section access.  A report can be generated, but it shows all data, ignoring an SA.  No matter which option(s) I choose in the data connection, the same result occurs.  Is it because the service account running NPrinting is an ADMIN, thus ignoring the app SA?  Thanks in advance for any/all constructive advice.

Connection requires authentication
The cache and reports will be generated by connecting with the Qlik NPrinting Engine Windows service user.
If this user is present in the QlikView document section access table, data will be limited accordingly.

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Re: NPrinting and Section Access

It is hard to understand how you test it. The usual approach would be:

  • have NPrinting engine service account admin and with full access "section access" 
  • have NPrinting engine service account admin set for "Connection requires authentication"
  • "server authentication" must be chosen
  • A "domain account" must be configured in all user settings in NPrinting. This you can check when you preview each user details in Nprinting admin console. Make sure that the same user names are used when configuring section access in QlikView

then you can try to run a report to a user whose data should be reduced based on section access. For thesting you can create folder destination for such user and check results. 

If you still have issues I suggest taking screenshot of your connection, taking screenshot of few users settings and posting detail explanation on what steps you are taking one-by-one to test if section access works.





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