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NPrinting comparative report


it is possible to have in NP two report with two different date; like:

when I build the report I use main filter for the current day and all data for this report it will be for the current data and in the below inside the same report I need to have the same data for the day before I build the formula and every thing work fine but when I use it  doesn't work and I think because the to filters one of them for the current day and the second one for the day before.

and one more thing the data or the value for the day before it is only 2 value but for the current dat I have many KPIs ; so the I keep the main filter for the current day and the day before doesn't work.

any idea please.

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Re: NPrinting comparative report

You can use the page/level feature to build a section of the report which shows data for specific days.

Then add a filter for all the days you want in the report

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Re: NPrinting comparative report

Thank you very much @aran I solve it by take the previous selection of the max date.

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