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NPrinting crashes once per week

All system works fine during the week, but one day (usually on the weekend) all the tasks started to be failed. then in a few days it comes to normal work (without any movements from my side).

nprinting_engine.log shows nothing - just last successful step before crash and then first step when engine started to work fine.

nprinting_scheduler.log shows next errors:


I want to highlight that same NP connection, which error you see above, works fine during the week and just crashes sometimes.

I believe, looking on the log, we could find more then one possible reasons. I've already check some, which came to my mind, but it didn't help. So I need some fresh view... Do you have a clue why could these errors happen?


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Creator III
Creator III

I have been having a similar issue on weekends. We have not seen that an issue existed in Nprinting, but rather with the Sense app itself. One app was hanging up for some reason and not loading the data. Another was somehow recalling data from days ago. Neither of which showed an issue in the logs or QMC. This started only recently in the last couple of months. We ended up recreating and republishing the apps that power the Nprinting and have not had the issues again as of yet.