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NPrinting - error / bug ?

Hi there.
We are trying to get Qlik NPrintig ver.16 to work, but it is not without problems.

We have a nsq file with one connection established to a qvw file. After the connection was created we added a new field in the qvw file, and changed the cycle fields in a Qlikview Entity report, now using the new field as a cycle field (and as filter on the recipients, and in the dynamic naming of the created pdf-reports).

Running the report task in the NPrinting Designer works fine - but when setting up a schedule and adding the nsq file to the NPrinting Server (Service) then we get this error:

Error: cycle field "CUSTOMERNUMBER_filter" cannot be found in the declared connection

We have to start over, builing a new nsq with the exact same setup, and the the error disappears.

This happens when new fields are created after the connection is created.

Is this simply another bug in NPrinting - or is there an explanation for the behavior?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: NPrinting - error / bug ?

Support is working with Henrik via our ticketing system.

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Re: NPrinting - error / bug ?

I am wondering if this issue was ever resolved.  We are now experiencing the same issue with a Cycle field I just added to NPrinting and would like to know what steps were taken to resolve the issue.


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Re: NPrinting - error / bug ?


still i am getting the same error.

Help me how to resolve tis issue?



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