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Contributor II
Contributor II

NPrinting formatting Single Entry in a Table using Excel Report

Hi everyone.

I am searching for a way to format a single entry in an imported tablebox in NPrinting. I do not want to format the whole table or the heading, for example I would like to highlight one specific entry in a cell (colour i.e.). Every change in the cell will be overwritten by NPrinting by now...

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Hi David,

Assuming you are using an Excel template? 
Are you using version 16 or 17 or Nprinting?

Can you make the desired behavior work in your Qlikview object?

Can you show us a screen shot of your desired outcome and a screen shot of your Nprinting template?


Hi David,

Once you add the QV object in the NPrinting it will be added as the reference so you will not get the chance to format a single entry ..you need to make this change in the Qlikview , where you have all the capabilities to do that and import the table in NPrinting..

hope this helps you

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks Mike and thanks Avinash for your help

I am currently using NPrinting 16

Yes, I could made the changes in QlikView, but I wanted to see whether NPrinting could handle that

@Mike: Example would be a table with 5 rows, I want to create a report using Excel template in NPrinting and change the colour for example in the 3rd row. In Excel Template I can set and see the changed colour, but when I am exporting the report to pdf, the changes are not displayed

@Avinash: I will try making my changes in QlikView,


You cannot achieve this in NPriting ..you need to make the changes in Qlikview , that will more dynamic and easy to maintain