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NPrinting on demand report generation button extension migration between environments


We use Qliksense Nov 18 and NPrinting Nov 18 versions. And, we use NPrinting on demand report generation button where we configure the NPrinting app, connection report and format to print nprinting report from button click.

When we develop Qliksense app, we use on demand button which points to NPrinting Dev server which will list the DEV nprt apps, connections, reports in the drop down.

So, when we migrate qliksense app from DEV to UAT, we cannot just migrate as it is as button points to DEV nprt.

So, tried just changing nprt DEV to nprt UAT link and migrated qliksense app.

But, its not picking up the nprt App, connection , report in UAT and now I cannot edit the button in UAT to configure according to UAT nprt.

When I duplicate sheet and edit button, I can configure, but cannot make these change applied to published sheet as sens app migration needs to go through svn and deployment tools

Please assist how to handle migration in this case.



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Hi @NarayanaSwamyKarli 

Please check the following article.


There are known issues around that process unfortunately. A fix was introduced in the June release that is mentioned in the article.

If you continue to see the issue after following the article, please start a new support request with the Qlik Support Desk.

In the meantime, there is no simple workaround but you can try the following:

I realize this is NOT ideal but since you asked for a workaround, this is what I have at this point to share in addition to the aforementioned article. Also this means that you actually have two different reports in the meantime. 

So I suggest upgrading as per the article to make the process more fluid. However, please note that there is another On Demand issue that is affecting 'some' users where v2.12 appears rather than v2.13 that should appear in the Qext file. This is also being resolved in Nov. 2019 release of Qlik Sense...just fyi...so you may wish to wait for that as well. 

I apologize that I cannot give you better news at this point but that hopefully you are fully aware of the issues now an a possible short term (albiet not great) workaround.

Others here may also have some guidance with other potentially unique, scalable interim workarounds.

Kind regards...

cc @Ruggero_Piccoli 

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