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NPrinting - printing dilemma


I have an app that is using data to create a Gantt chart. The Gantt is being displayed as a pivot table. My filter is set to display information over a 7 month period. The Pivot table will always span 2 A3 pages horizontally which is as designed.

I have created the legend as a chart with  columns one for the description and one for the colour representation. Both objects work flawlessly.

Now when it comes to NPrinting the first thing I tried (bear in mind I'm new to NPrinting) was a Qlik Entity report and I used the pivot table and set the printing options from within the app i.e. scale and then deployed it to my SharePoint library with huge success. The issue comes when I try and get the pivot table and legend on the same report.

I cannot use the entity report because it is limited to 1 object. The Word Report cannot handle the image spanning multiple pages and the Excel report option does not do a great job either. The reason I am using the object as an image is because the pivot table has images within it dependent on calculations and the images do not show if I use tables instead of images.

Has anyone else come across this problem of trying to get large tables spanning multiple pages along with another object?


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I don't understand why you can't use a Word template.  With Word you should be able to set the page size to any size you want.

Perhaps I didn't understand the issue.

See screen shot.



MS Word Page Size.PNG


Hi Nick,

By my calculation, your requirement of using a page size of 2 * A3 width translates to 11.69 * 2 = 23.38". This exceeds the Word limit of 22" https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/95109

Regarding QlikView NPrinting entity reports, yes, you can only use one QlikView object but that object can be an entire sheet. So if you have a sheet that only has your 2 objects on it, that sheet can be used in an entity report. Keep in mind that you cannot use a hidden sheet if the sheet itself is the object (as opposed to using an object on a hidden sheet which you can use).

HTH - Daniel.

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Managed to use an excel report spread across 2 pages