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NPrinting sending wrong email


I am using Nprinting 19 and Qlikview 12 to generate sales representative goal files in PDFs and send these files via email.

there are approximately 150 different sales representatives, each with their respective username and email.

In the Nprinting, an email filter was registered for each representative. For example

John -> Filter: john@sales.com
Marcus -> Filter: marcus@newsales.com

I created a task for generating the files with dynamic nomenclature, so each PDF file is generated as follows (YYYY_DD_MM_ <REPRESENTATIVE NAME>)
For example.:

When I only generated the pdf files, without sending them by email, the files were generated correctly.

The problem occurs when we forward the files by email. Sometimes the contents of a file do not match the name. In other words, in the content of the 2020_24_03_John.pdf file, Marcus information appears. This error happens at random and does not always occur with the same sales representative.

Anyone who has used a macro to send e-mails, can remember that something similar happened and to resolve this issue, we increased the time between the generation of a PDF to another. Basically we put the command "sleep ()" between the generation and the sending of the report.

Has anyone experienced this situation using nprinting?
I'm using Nprinting 19, qlikview 12 and QVP connection.

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I suppose there is something misconfigured or wrong in the source data because the behaviour is very strange. 

I think you created the filters by using a field that contains the salesman email. Then in the dynamic name you cannot use a field, so did you used a QlikView variable or the user name?

Could you place the formula =getcurrentselection() in the report template? So you can check the filters that are active at the moment you generate the report.

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Best Regards,
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