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NPrinting to show last value of graph in power point

Dear All,

Is that a way for NPrinting to show the last value of line graph for power point report as per below?

Show Last Value of Line Graph.png



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Re: NPrinting to show last value of graph in power point

Hi @steve1982 

I think I found a solution for you. (This solution can also apply to Qlik Sense. The principles are the same.)

1. Create a new chart object

2. Select your dimension and expression that you want to show your top values for. In my example I am using:

Dimension = CategoryName

Expression = Sum(Quantity)

3. On the Presentation tab, check max number box and type 1

check max number box and type 1.PNG








4. To the the 'General' tab and choose straight table. Note the chart ID number before clicking OK to save the chart.

Note: sort the chart by 'Quantity' descending

5. Save the QVW

6. Reload the metadata in NPrinting connected to this QVW. This will allow you to access the new chart object

7. Open the NPrinting template editor and add the new chart to your report.

html report output.PNG








I'm sure there are more sophisticated ways of achieving this as well but this should manage your requirement in the near term.

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Re: NPrinting to show last value of graph in power point


I did some tests and I found that PowerPoint itself has not the feature to add only the last label of a chart data serie. You will see the labels of all points.

I tried to add a new column in the original QlikView chart with only the latest value of the original serie and I added it in the PowerPoint chart. The idea is to have a serie with a single value and enable the label only for it. When it is exported into the PowerPoint the original null cells are rendered as zeros so you will have a serie of zero labels.

I tried to add formulas in the PowerPoint chart but without success. 

I think that at the moment it is not possible to add directly a single label in the PowerPoint chart. As workaround, you could evaluate to add a Formula in the PowerPoint template and drag and drop it into the template.

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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