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NPrinting (verify filter) filter created empty result

Hi all,

I encounter the following situation. We use NPrinting to distribute reports to 20 customers. Every day each customers gets an email with about 6 reports attached. In these reports they can only see their data, not those from other customers. To do that we created a report task to 20 recipients. All these recipients have a filter assigned based on their customername.

To prevent NPrinting from sending out the data of all customers to one customer in case there is no filter match (that's what NPrinting default does), we had to activate the option 'verify filter'. The problem is that some days there is no data for some customers in one report. The 'verify filter' option will immediatly end the whole task although there are results in 5 other reports that have to be sent.

Set up 6 different tasks that result in 6 seperate emails is not desirable.

Hope you have a solution for this problem. Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,


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