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NPrinting working so long time... (for Excel)

Hi all!

We got NPrinting November + Sense November.

It's taking so much time or sometimes freeze when i use Excel report from Designer.

I do the following report:

2018-03-13 16_30_31-Template Editor.png

This actually works, but takes about 10-15 minutes to go... It's so long.

And if i put some other sums in report it works, works, works and then i got message like making report is taking more then 10 minutes try using task. In task it works for 1 hour and there is no result anyway.

So why NPrinting Excel reports working so long time?

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Re: NPrinting working so long time... (for Excel)

how much data in that report having?   do you have any filters?

do you have any calculated fields? 

something you have excel issue .

and try to add the filter and do filter

try to debug-    first add one table and preview

check for time

then add one more table then preview  then you come to know where exctly issue with.

then after try to change all the label names and  [if expressions are there]   to proper

and   schedule the task aswell and see

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Re: NPrinting working so long time... (for Excel)

I using only sum() and count() in folmulas.

I do not need to use some filters, because i need to load all 2017 orders. This filter and all my filters is working when sql-query is loading data to Sense app.

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Re: NPrinting working so long time... (for Excel)

i read one thread where similar kind of problem reported by user with MS Excel.Might it help you.

NPrinting Designer stalling on Excel Template

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Re: NPrinting working so long time... (for Excel)

Ok.  debug as above mentioned way

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Re: NPrinting working so long time... (for Excel)

Performance of NPrinting designe may depend highly on number of records in Qlik application. How big is your fact table / your Qlik app you are using to build this report.

As a good practice it is worth to have a small copy of the application to speed up design process in NPrinitng designer. On the other hand you are saying that your task is also failing. Looks like you are producing huge report on 2 different levels - do you (it is hard to tell as it is in your language)?

There is few questions you can ask right away and get quite straight forward answer:

  1. how big is a source data (Qlik Application), how complex is your data model? Do you have star schema?
  2. how responsive is Qlik Application - is it snappy? or slow and takes time to calculate every time you click on something. Report generation performance will highly depend on your Qlik Sense server performance
  3. did you check Monitoring apps in Qlik sense when you are using NPrinting - see how CPU and RAM usage looks like
  4. do you have supported configuration - NPrinitng on dedicated machine (different than Qlik Sense?)
  5. how can you improve your expressions to calculate faster? is there anything you could improve in data model or expressions which speed up expression calc time?
  6. Does your report (the excel you are trying to produce) fit in single sheet? Is NPrinitng server able to create such big file (I assume it can be quite big if it times out)

this is just starting point. It would be great to know the answers to your questions



cheers Lech
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Re: NPrinting working so long time... (for Excel)

I had the same experience when using levels : very slow.

Now I use a straigt tabel and put that in my template (and make it a data table in Excel)

The rest of my template consist Excel-formula's, for example  vlookup and sumifs, and design

Besides that I use the cycle function.

Where more than 100 reports lasted about 3 hours to produce it now lasts 15 minutes to produce.

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