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Hi Experts,

I am trying to generate a HTML Report using NPrinting.

I have a dashboard which runs Monday through Friday, i am trying to schedule a task to sent a html report to the users Monday through Friday.

i have a date field EventDate, i want to send a report only if the chart  "ch1" has data and the report consists of 4 charts





My request is there are scenarios where ch02 will not have any data but ch03 and ch04 might have, in those cases i want to send only the charts with data in a single html report also if the report is running on Monday, it has to check for any events on Saturday and Sunday.

for rest of the days in the week(Tuesday through Friday), the report should send only for Previous day.

Also i would like to generate report for each location(used cycle for this)

can some please assist.

I tried to create a condition  if ch01 has value then only create the report, it is working fine but if any of the charts have no data it is still displaying.