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NPritning 17.2.1 - Connection error

When I tried to make a connection to the Qlik Sense app I was getting the error message: "Error Request has been purged due to connection errors". If I turned off the Fire Wall I still get an error message. But this time: "Error Object reference not set to an instance of an object".

Proxy address: https://server.domain.local

Sense app ID: The id of the published app

Identity: The user that is the owner of the app.

Any ideas?

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Re: NPritning 17.2.1 - Connection error

I keep getting that the connection "has reached ERROR status" in the nprinting_scheduler.log.

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Re: NPritning 17.2.1 - Connection error


hi can you attach your logs ?

did you installed the certificates  from the qlik sense server with the user thtat runs nprinting services ?

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Re: NPritning 17.2.1 - Connection error


I attached the error message from the nprintingschedler.log.

Which user should I use? The Qlik Sense Administrator or the NPrinting user? I tried both but get the same error message,

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Re: NPritning 17.2.1 - Connection error

It might be obvious but - did you allocate token in QlikSense for user who is running QlikSense service?

cheers Lech
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