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Nprint April 2020 Setting Destination Folder to Share on Server

Hi guys,

hoping i might get some help with this one. I have a fresh Nprint install, new server. I'm trying to set document locations on the server to save reports (for each task). Normally an easy job, but i only have a folder share on the server, and i'm unable to set the directory to save to.

this is the path i have, i've added that last directory for one report (tsk00037)

\\servername\map$\Nprint\Production Reports\Elearning Reports\tsk00037

if i want to save reports produced as tsk00037 to the directory tsk0037 i've tried this: 

.\Production Reports\Elearning Reports\tsk00037

any ideas?


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To ensure the ability to distribute reports to a network folder location:

  • The NP server and network location must get the same domain
  • You must give folder (share) and file security (NTFS) permission for network location of the target folder to the service account which runs the NPrinting Server and or NPrinting Engine service

Please note that relative paths do not work with Modern NPrinting reporting (NP 17 versions and higher).

Related information:

Hope this helps...


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