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Nprint differ output results on server vs local using "Test"

excel template issue.png

  • Nprint version 16.5
  • Excel Template
  • Paging in template by company code (1101, CE01)
  • No filters

See image above.

  • Report on left created from server via scheduled Task
  • Report on right run manually  using the Task > Test
  • Using same NSQ file from same location, Same QVW from same location, Same Template, Same Task, Same Report

Report on left (Incorrect) Server report does not filter the tabs by Company, each tab has all the companies regardless .

Report on right (Correct) Does as expected.  Each tab contains only the company referenced in tab name

What could possible cause this difference when everything is exactly the same except how it is run?  Tell me I am missing something simple please

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Are you using the same account as the NPrinting service account?

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No different account but not sure how that would change things. There is no section access

How could that change the details for each tab


I am just trying to help.

If you log on using the service account and do a manually run, what result do you have?

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I understand and appreciate all the help I can get

I would have to have our BI team test it. I don't have access to that account


Hi Debbie,

You will be pleased to know that I have finally resolved this problem.  Last week, Sean Donovan and I worked together and were able to recreate this report in version 17.3.     While we were recreating the report, we did discover that one of the report objects (CH33) was in a container and this object also used the paging field.   So we duplicated the object on the nprint sheet.  That was necessary to make it work properly in 17.3.   The object list ( even in 17.3 ) does not show objects that are embedded in containers.

So, back to 16.5.

During the testing, I was building some new test objects on the nprint sheet.  Even with a simple report with one column, it was failing like above.  Finally, I added a new sheet and then added some test objects and the report worked with paging just fine.   I then noticed every time I went to the nprint sheet, it restored the on activation triggers.

The final solution was to remove the sheet triggers.  Once I removed the sheet triggers for the nprint sheet, the pages cycled properly on the server on the report above.   I have tested this with multiple solutions and charts and feel confident this was the cause of the issue.

It would seem that version 16.5 has issues with both containers and sheet triggers.

Please mark this correct so others can benefit in the future.