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Nprinting 17.2 - connection status


I've got a connection that working on production for a few weeks.

suddenly today the connection status is changing all day long from 'Ok' to 'No engines are working'

and by that I cant send reports.

when i'm want to preview a report on edit template I get the following error message:

Any idea?

Many thanks,



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Re: Nprinting 17.2 - connection status


If you have error 'No engines are working' you need to go to ADMIN in NPrinting tab and get ENGINE working in first place.

Your engine could stop workin due to many reasons:

  • DNS name of server was changed
  • Maybe ports are blocked
  • Check Engine service (whether it is running)
  • Maybe account for Engine service is locked

Start investigation from beginning by checking services, then accounts, then ports and then contacting network admins and making sure that server name is still the same



cheers Lech
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