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Nprinting - Date Filter

Good Morning,

I'm new to nprinting and I'm trying to add a dynamic date filter.  I was successful in creating a filter for the current year, however creating a filter for a dynamic date is proving to be a bit more of a challenge.

I want to have a filter which is TODAY()-1.  Any suggestions on how I can accomplish this task.



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Creator II
Creator II

This should help.

Dynamic Filter Nprinting 17

Hi Jamie,

Below is official help document instruction. get familiar with it and it will solve your problem.

One remark:

As you want to return date value it can be a text, number/integer or dual value in ...  You need to check how this fiield is recognized  in Qlik.

If it is text - then you need to apply in your filter: =text(date(today()-1,'DD-MM-YYYY')) formatting where DD-MM-YYYY needs to be adjusted to mask you are using

If it is dual or integer then you need formula like =num(today()-1)





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