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Contributor III

Nprinting Distribution

I have a requirement where I need to deliver the same report to multiple people with filter for that specific individual applied on the report.

My client wanted to maintain an excel sheet with the list of people who would need the report. He would update it as and when required and the report should be delivered according to the list.

Is there a way to feed a distribution list of any kind to nprinting? The filter should be applied when the report is sent to individuals.

I read about XML request but I'm not able to understand how I can apply filters in it. Also, I think I would have to create separate XML requests for each individual.



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Start with describing your environment:

- version of NPrinting.

make some friends with this website - it is all there: https://help.qlik.com/

for eaxample step by step instruction for NPrinitng 17:


and step by step instruction for NPrinitng 16 (folow the same path just for EXCEL file):

How to Import Recipients from QlikView Documents - Features Track



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