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Nprinting Filter

Hello All,

I am using Qlikview filters on NPrinting but it is working on some slides and not working on others.

Anybody knows what can be the problem. Please help me it's really difficult to work on NPrinting.


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In what way are you attempting to use QlikView filters in NPrinting? Your requirement is not clearly defined unfortunately.

In order to perform filtering in NP 17+ platform you need to follow the steps in the following articles in order to meet your reporting requirements. Since you did not mention with version of NPrinting you are using I am providing NP 17+ information for your convenience.

Report Design and filtering:




To ensure there is no conflicting filters please observer the filter rules here:


If you need NPrinting training guidance, there are videos available here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFxZPr8pHfZS0n3jxx74rpA/playlists?view=50&sort=dd&shelf_id=26

Should you require detailed in class or online training, you can check this link on the Qlik Support site:


In a nutshell, you need to create and use NPrinting filters based on QlikView  (or Qlik Sense) dimension values or QlikView  (or Qlik Sense) formula syntax and follow the filtering rules mentioned in the links above to correctly filter your NP reports as needed.

Hope this helps...


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Did you have proper NPrinting training?

NPrinitng is an advanced toll with many dependencies on QlikView or Qlik Sense side. I actually think 90% of development needs to be PROPERLY done in Qlik model and Qlik objects. To have easy and smooth NPrinitng development you need to be experienced QlikView/Qlik Sense developer as well as trained NPrinting developer.

 Your issue might have many different grounds and you need to provide a lot more details if you want us to assist you.

Details like:

  • Exact versions of QlikView and NPrinting
  • Fields you are using as a filter
  • Data type of field used in NPrinting filter
  • Objects you use in NPrinting
  • Object dimensions & expressions used in NPrinting (maybe set analysis overrides your filters?)
  • Make sure your QlikView application (QVW) is supported
    • no alternate states
    • no always 1 selected values
    • no triggers etc...
  • Screenshots of:
    • the way you created filter in NPrinting
    • the way you use & apply filter in your Task or Report or Template

As you can see there is a lot to consider and with your current problem description there is nothing we can start with.

back to you!



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