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Contributor II
Contributor II

Nprinting Filters worked before but now do not.

Hello everyone,

I am having an issue with NPrinting filters. I have the filters set up properly. They actually worked properly before but for some reason they are not working now. I have even created a new filter with the same fields added just giving the filter a different name. I then apply the new filter to the table or graph I'm importing into NPrinting and it is still wrong. I have also tried making a new filter and adding in a single field at a time to see if that changes any thing but to no avail. I checked another report that is using a different app and connection to the same dashboard and it no longer filters properly either but I know it did because I have a properly filtered report from that saved. Also to be noted the charts and tables still have a filter applied to them its just not the proper filter. I have just now refreshed the Meta Data to see if that helped any but that did not. Any Ideas? Your help is greatly appreciated.



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Hi Tanner,

First of all:

  • What version of Qlik and NPrinting are you using?
  • Can you screenshot syntax in filter
  • Can you screenshot datatype in Qlik tableviewer of the field you are using for filtering
  • Are you sure you are using the same connection for filters as for report/task you expect to use them
  • Are you mixing recipients filters with report/task filters?
  • Are you using section access?
  • Are you using Actions/Triggers in your app
  • Can you provide logs in debug mode?
  • Were you doing any changes to the Qlik app or report at all or it just started not filtering by itself?



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