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Nprinting Issue With Row Fusion

Hello Community,

I have an issue to reproduce the bellow report in Nprinting. (The blue square are for hidding data)

For your information, the report is based on QlikSense.

Nprinting Report.png

I tried to do it in an excel report but my issue is that when you try to Merge row in the Template for the level Cimo, Départmen and service, it's not working as expected and the result have strange merging.

Except if we add a blank row in all the level,there is a good vision of the parent level, but the blank row is showing in the report and we don't need it.

I tried to use the delete row in the first column but it's not working to.

Do you know a way to reproduce the upper report in Excel or with another type of report like HTML? I'm open to all your possibility to reproduce this report !

You can find attach a document that explain all the issue and show the result as printscreen the result that i have.

Thanks in advance !